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Create a plan and write down your goals and objectives

Mapping out the event at the start will ensure you aren’t left short when the event actually rolls around. But make sure you have a contingency plan and leave room for flexibility in case everything doesn’t go to plan.

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Set a budget

Determine the prospective cost of your event and create a budget. Make sure you consider all parts of the event that will require budget – venue, presenters, promotion, catering, transportation, accommodation and decorations – and stick to the budget.

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Establish sponsorship and partnerships

Consider the ways that you can decrease event costs through sponsorship. Reach out to organisations or partners that you can call on for potential participation in the event. You can partner with corporate sponsors, community organisations or local businesses who might also be able to help with staffing, providing venues, offering prizes and spreading the word.

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Prepare a team

You can’t pull off an event alone, so ensure you take time and plan carefully you will need and select in your team. Identify the key people you will need to ensure your event is a success including any speakers, entertainment, sponsors, publicity, volunteers and venue manager.

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Set the date

Sometimes the date of an event can be pre-set, which involves you working to a schedule. If it’s a new event, though, make sure you select a date that:

Gives you ample time to plan. Depending on the event, about 4-6 months is ideal, though some events might need a quicker turnaround
Doesn’t clash with any major holidays
Is agreed upon by all key participants

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Market your event

This is one of the major steps of planning an event – promotion and publicity. Even if you have the perfect event, without marketing it right, it probably won’t get the results you want. Come up with an exciting theme or campaign to get people excited about attending your event. Then market your event through traditional media, websites and social media sites. Partner up with other organisations or sponsors to help spread the word about your event further.

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